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Plant Science and Environmental Instruments


Kyokko Trading is offering the wide range of instruments for environmental science, in particular 

for soil science, agronomy, plant science, data logging, meteorology and enviromental monitoring. 

We also specialized in cellular respiration and photosynthesis measurement instrumentation 

using oxygen electrode systems and chlorophyll fluorescence systems.


List of Instruments

Liquid-Phase Respiration Measurement Systems
Gas-Phase Photosynthesis & Respiration Measurement Systems
Soil Moisture Sensors
Data Loggers/Weather Stations
Image Analysis Systems
Porometers/CO2 Analyzers
Sunshine Sensors
Water Potential Measurement Systems
Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measurement Systems
Kinetic Imaging Fluorometers
Double-Modulation Fluorometes

Application for Soil Moisture Measurement


In the hot, dry UK summer of 2006, a 590 m2 bed of Spiraea was groun in

3 litre pots, with overhead irrigation controlled by a GP1 Logger and a SM-

200 Sensor.

This bed consumed 60% less water than a comparable adjacent bed where

irrigation was timed according to the grower's judgement.  The trials were

conducted in the UK at Hiller Nurseries by Chris Burgess (agronomist).

The GP1 Logger, combined with a single SM200 Moisture Probe in a

representative pot, has proved very capable of automatically controlling

irrigation on commercial scale production beds at several nurseries using

overhead sprinkler improved crop quality, growers benefited from lower

labour cost, reduced environmental impact, and significant water savings.

'Pulsed' irrigation during a wetting-up period can be introduced with the

GP1 software if needed, to allow 'soak in' periods and reduce pot drainage

losses that can occur with high output sprinklers.